Date-Utils: Polyfills for the Date object

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Version 2 Feature and Changes discussion is being held at

In a nutshell

  • Micro-Framework adding missing functionality to the Date object
  • Useable as a polyfill in the browser
  • Useable as a polyfill in Node.js
  • Works in CouchDB

Using within a Browser

<script type="text/javascript" src="date-utils.min.js"></script>

Using with Node.js

$ npm install date-utils


Note: This did not work in the REPL before Node.js 0.6 due to how Node.js handles context in the REPL.


Documentation (nearing completion) can be found at


Make sure you have gulp installed (npm install gulp -g). After that hit npm install to get the dependencies. Finally, hit gulp. This will build the library initially. If you make changes to the library, it will compile the minified version automatically.